Paule Towing emergency roadside service.

Towing & Wrecker Services

Paule Towing, LLC is happy to provide all of you towing and wrecker services needs in the St. Clair County Illinois and St. Louis Metro East areas. We offer flatbed towing to protect your vehicle. We are capable of towing cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers and more.

We also offer a wrecker service with a wheel lift and winching capabilities. We have a medium duty wrecker that can haul slightly larger vehicles like small buses and similar sized vehicles. At the moment we do not offer heavy duty towing services.

Paule Towing can help change your tire.

Tire Changing Services

Call us if you have a flat tire that needs changed! We can change car, truck, van and SUV tires. Or, if you don’t have a spare we can tow your vehicle to a quality tire service provider. We also sell used tires! Please note: although we sell used tires, we do not mount and balance tires. Come by today with your tire size and we can check our inventory of good used tires for one that will fit.

Important: Our tire service is for changing your tire. If you don’t have a spare or if you have a vehicle that requires a special tool to lower your tire from it’s storage area in the rear of your car, we cannot provide those for you.

Locked out? Paule Towing can unlock your car.

Lockout Services

If you have locked your keys in your car, we provide lockout service. Call us before you call a locksmith. We generally are much cheaper than a locksmith.

We use our special lockout kit to open the door to your car. We do not create keys but we can get you into your car. If you need a key to get into your trunk, we can not open the trunk but we can open your car and you can open the trunk if you have a functional trunk latch.

Paule Towing recovery service, Belleville, Illinois.

Vehicle Recovery Services

If you have a wrecked or a vehicle that will not move for any reason, we can recover that vehicle and haul it to your place of choice. We do not tow vehicles that you do not own without the owner’s permission or without police permission.

The city police do not allow wrecked, non-licensed, or non-running vehicles to be stored in view at your residence. If your vehicle is wrecked you need to either send it to an autobody service center, storage area or in a garage of some type.

Call Paule Towing if you need jump-start service.

Battery Jump Start Services

Whether it’s the dead of winter or dead of summer, extreme temperatures tend to be hard on your auto battery. If you find that your battery is dead for whatever reason, call us. We also offer a variety of good used batteries. Please be sure of the configuration of your battery and stop by or give us a call to check our inventory. The price is generally $30 plus your old battery.

We have a jumper pack which is a portable jump starter. So, even if your vehicle is in a position that is tight and will not allow another vehicle to get close with jumper cables, we can use the jumper pack to start the vehicle. All of our technicians are properly trained in jump start procedures. Don’t jump start your own vehicle if you do not know exactly how to hook up the cables. This can permanently damage the electrical system in your vehicle. Call us today and we can help!

Paule Towing can help if you run out of gas near Belleville Illinois.

Other Services We Offer

We offer a variety of other emergency roadside services too! We offer winching services if you are stuck, we offer fuel delivery services if you ran out of gas, and we also will pick-up junk and abandoned vehicles from your property.
We also offer vehicle, boat, and RV storage service in our secure, fenced lot.

If you have a junk or unwanted vehicle you want removed, please call us. We buy salvage vehicles. In order for us to pay cash for junk cars, you must be the owner and have a valid title for the vehicle. If you have a vehicle on your property that has been abandoned by the owner, call us and we can take it off your hands. Before we are able to pick up abandoned vehicles, you must call and report to the police the details of the abandoned car. Then, let them know you would like Paule Towing to haul it off. They will tell you if it’s okay to have us tow it.