Home » Extreme Temperatures Can Affect Car Batteries

Cold weather and freezing temperatures can affect certain chemical components within a car battery. Of course, your car battery will die when you least expect it to. Inevitably, when you’re already very late to wherever it is you need to be. There are a few things you can do to ensure your battery will hold its charge despite the weather. If your battery dies despite your best efforts, call Paule, Belleville Illinois Towing Service.

1. Choose a battery with a high CCA rating. Cold Cranking Amps or CCA’s determine the amount of current that can be delivered to the car’s starter mechanism within 30 seconds. This will assist with cold weather start up.

2. Keep your car garaged to minimize contact with cold winter air if at all possible.

3. Consider investing into a car battery blanket. Yes, a blanket for your battery. These blankets simply wrap around your battery and hold heat in. You can purchase battery blankets for under $50.

If you can’t get your car started, call our battery jump start service at Paule Towing and let us come diagnose your battery issue. We also have a variety of good used battery inventory to choose from. If we can’t get you going, we’ll tow your vehicle to your preferred mechanic to further diagnose the problem.