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With Memorial Day right around the corner, we’d like to review some ways for you and your family to enjoy a safe summer holiday on the road.

Don’t drink and drive.

Let’s be real here for a moment. Memorial Day is on the Mount Rushmore of BBQ days, right between 4th of July and Labor Day. At these BBQs, alcohol is usually a big part of the experience. Please, designate a driver, skip the beer, or even call an emergency towing service. Whatever it takes to keep an intoxicated you off the road. A dry BBQ is still better than serious injury or death.

Watch out for other drivers.

You may be responsible enough not to drink and drive, but are the other motorists on the road as conscientious? Sadly, many times that isn’t the case. If someone is driving erratically, give them plenty of space or take a different route if possible. If you can, have someone in your car call the police and  report the other driver. A drunk driver is a danger to everyone around them, and you should be mindful at all times to avoid situations where you could be involved in a drunk driving crash.

Never leave kids or pets in hot cars.

In fact, don’t leave anyone in a hot car. No, cracking a window isn’t enough. Serious illness or death can happen if you leave kids, the elderly, or pets in a hot car. This one is a hard no; don’t do it! Always pack water!

This is a good idea in general, but during the summer months especially, it is absolutely imperative that you pack bottles of water in your vehicle! This isn’t in case you get thirsty and don’t feel like stopping on a road trip. No, you need to pack water in case you get stranded at a remote location. Dehydration is very real, as is heat sickness which can be acute and come on in full force if you’re trapped on hot asphalt. In a worst-case scenario, you may be stuck somewhere without a cell phone signal.

If your air conditioner is dead, roll your windows down or get out of your car and wait next to it. Make sure you have your hazard lights on and are in a safe location free of danger from coming cars. Sit tight, stay calm, stay cool and hydrated, and we’ll come take care of you.

Keep your phone charged.

You should always put your phone away while driving, but please make sure that it is charged. A dead phone in an emergency situation can be at best a pain, at worst a danger. Make sure you have enough battery at any given moment to deal with an emergency as it happens. This is absolutely vital to you and your family’s safety.

With you fully charged phone, call Paule Towing for towing service in Belleville, Illinois and beyond. We will come get you if your car breaks down, or change your tire if you have a blowout. Give us a call at (618) 233-7464.