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If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid a breakdown, collision, blown tire, or any other misfortunes on the road that may leave you and your vehicle stranded, calling an emergency towing service, congratulations! Just know that your good fortune is always a fraction of a second away from turning sour. If that moment comes, you need to be prepared. Situations like this are hard to deal with without
proper mental preparation.

When you’re in a crisis situation, staying calm is critical. Thinking on your feet in an abnormal situation is difficult to do with your head clouded with panic. While every roadside situation isn’t necessarily a crisis situation, they can turn into one in a hurry without proper response. For example, if you’re on a road trip during summer and get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the heat where it takes quite some time to get help.

Here are a few tips for how to handle a roadside situation.

Get out of the Road

If at all possible, move your vehicle out of the road to a safe location. Turn on your hazard
signals. Once you’re in a safe location, stay in your car and call (618) 233-7464 for

Stay Safe Above All Else

We know you’re worried about your car. There are other concerns running through your head also, like places you need to be, insurance, and how much your accident or blowout is going to cost. This is natural, but please do all you can to keep your head in the game and keep you and your passengers safe. Watch for dangerous situations, and if/when you exit the vehicle, be sure
to look both ways.

Check to See if You Have A Spare Tire

Many times, a spare tire is located in the trunk of a car in a compartment. For many vehicles, the spare tire is located on the undercarriage. If you don’t have a spare, we can tow you to a high quality tire provider.

Again, and we can’t stress this enough, while looking for the spare, be aware of your surroundings. This doesn’t just mean to look out for cars, either. A family was once traveling in the South when their car broke down. The driver, who was a handy guy, went under the car to have a look. While under the car, he could hear an alligator moving around in the brush next to the car. Needless to say, he didn’t stick around for long.

Did we mention… call (618) 233-7464?

If you have a flat tire, we can change it for you or take you to someone who can. For other breakdowns, we will tow your ride to the shop of your choosing. We, at Paule Towing in Belleville, IL, take customer service very seriously and will work tirelessly to get to you as fast as we possibly can.