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As of last week, it is officially Fall. It may not feel like it in the Belleville area, but here we are… With the calendar turning to fall, there are certain safety and maintenance issues to consider for the season.

Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure

Periodically checking your tire pressure is always a good idea. It not only prevents blowouts, which could leave stranded on the side of the road (you’re going to need an emergency towing service), but it can also help you get more life out of your tires. Plus, properly maintained tires make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

One thing to keep in mind as the weather starts to change to fall is that the shift in temperatures
will affect your tire pressure. Make sure to periodically check your tires to make sure they don’t
need a fill up. A good rule of thumb would be to check them at the same time you check your oil,
which you should also be regularly checking.

Slippery Dangers

Fall also presents some unique dangers on the road. Fall can have pretty dramatic weather,
especially in the Belleville, St. Clair County, and Metro East areas. That means wild temperature
swings, with precipitation, and rain. With wet roads, give cars in front of you a wide berth to
allow yourself extra time to stop.

As we get deeper into fall, falling leaves, especially wet ones, create additional stopping
hazards. Have you ever seen a cartoon character slip on a banana peel? Well, that could be
your vehicle if you’re not driving smart. On exceptionally cold mornings, which can come out of
the blue in fall especially in the Belleville area, you could have unexpected frost to contend with.

Watch out for Deer

With fall comes hunting season, meaning there will be deer on the move. Back roads in St. Clair
County are chalk full of running deer just waiting to be struck by an unsuspecting driver. Be
especially vigilant at night. It may feel unnatural, but if a deer runs out in front of you you’re
betting off hitting it than trying to swerve. Swerving could leave you in a ditch, sent you into a
tree, flip your vehicle, or worst of all, send you into the other lane of traffic.

Keep an eye out for deer, especially in areas where you know them to be, like back roads.
That’s not to say you can quit paying attention in town – deer in Southern Illinois have become
particularly brazen about coming into town in recent years. Keep your eyes open.

You can do everything in your power to be safe, but sometimes life happens and its
unavoidable. When that happens, call Paule Towing for towing services in the Belleville, IL area, roadside
assistance, and more.

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