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Halloween is upon us once again. The notoriously fickle Metro East weather has decided to once again have its cake and eat it too, for once giving us a winning combination of warm, sunny weather and falling autumn leaves. All of the ingredients are there to make this a fun Halloween for young ones across the Belleville area.

Look out for kids!

This one really should go without saying, but when we’re talking about something this important, who can we not – look out for kids trick-or-treating! Stay on the safe side and drive slowly, especially in town. If your car is unsafe to drive, call a roadside emergency service to help!

Don’t discourage older kids from trick-or-treating.

Aren’t you a little old to trick-or-treat? Any young person over a certain arbitrary age line has no doubt heard this a time or two if they chose to trick-or-treat into high school. Some see it as childish. Think about it though; if these kids are going door to door for candy on foot, then they aren’t at parties drinking. If they aren’t at parties drinking, that’s less risk of having young people drunk driving which is horrible any night of the week, but especially so on a night with young kids walking the streets in costumes. If an older kid comes to your door, keep the jabs to yourself and be glad your handful of candy may be saving lives.

Stay in the light while trick-or-treating.

If you have young children, go with them as they go door to door. If you are going with your kids or if your older children are going alone. make sure to walk in well-lit areas. Not only does this make abductions harder, it decreases the chances of drivers not seeing the kids.

Talk to your kids.

Tell them never to enter a stranger’s home, no matter the excuses they may make at the door. Tell them to always watch their surroundings, stay in well lit areas, and make sure they are out of the way of drivers. Above all else, tell them to keep their eyes open.

If you break down this Halloween, call (618) 233-7464

Call Paule Towing for fast, professional towing in Belleville, Illinois. We also offer roadside tire changing services, lockout, recovery, and jump starts. Don’t spend this Halloween stranded on the side of the road. Besides, you never know what creatures may be lurking in the shadows…