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In the St. Louis Metro Area, we have become accustomed to rapidly changing weather. What’s the old saying? If you don’t like the weather, wait until tomorrow. We know people all over the country say that, but in St. Louis and the Metro East, we mean it! Within the last few weeks, we had sub zero days and 60 degree days clumped on top of each other.

The point is, weather around Belleville and the Metro East is wild and unpredictable. With that in mind, you have to be prepared for wildly swinging weather, with dangerous extremes this time of year. Ask our emergency towing service team; they’ve been busy! Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself:

Check your tire pressure regularly

Cold weather can lead to a lower tire pressure. With the temperatures rising and falling quickly with wide extremes, it becomes even more imperative to keep an eye on your tire pressure. Low tire pressure can lead to flats, or worse, blowouts. To understand more about tire pressure, check this out.

If you regularly check your tire pressure, you can avoid being stranded. If you do blow a tire, Paule Towing can help you out. We offer towing services and roadside assistance, including tire changing. For the sake of your safety, though, make sure to keep on top of your tires. Blowouts can lead to collisions and are nothing to take lightly.

Extreme cold is still a possibility

This week may have been sunny and beautiful, but we aren’t far removed from scary winter weather. With wind chills under zero within the last few weeks, it’s a good policy during this time of year to always have emergency supplies in your car. Frostbite happens quickly in extreme winter weather. Make sure you pack gloves, head wear, and a blanket. Thermal blankets are compact and effective. Hand warming packets are also helpful.

Don’t forget to cover your ears. Not only does heat escape your body through the ears, but those small appendages are particularly vulnerable to frost bite.

Check the forecast

Keep an eye on the forecast. If you see winter weather on the forecast, plan accordingly. Even so, it’s probably a good idea to just plan on winter weather until spring and not take a chance of being caught without supplies. More than anything, just use common sense. When snow or ice is present, slow down and leave plenty of room between vehicles. Keep in mind that black ice is
hard to spot, so just assume it’s out there and watch out for bridges.

If you get stuck, call Paule Towing at (618) 233-7464

Paule Towing in Belleville, Illinois, is here to help. Give us a call at (618) 233-7464 for speedy service in the Belleville, IL area and the Metro East. We offer towing, roadside services and more along with exceptional customer service.