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We’ve had some beautiful weather in the St. Louis area and the Metro East the past few weeks. It’s been warm, sunny, and generally very pleasant. Well, there have been the occasional torrential downpours but hey that’s spring, and that’s definitely spring in the Midwest. When you have beautiful days like we’ve had, it’s a great opportunity to get a little spring cleaning done: wash off the grime from salted streets this winter, pick up trash and vacuum your car, wipe down your cup holders and dash. Jot down the number for a reliable emergency towing service because well, you never know.

While you’re cleaning, make sure to check your car’s vitals. Check your fluids and oil. Make sure to check your tire pressure. This time of year can lead to erratic tire pressure. It’s a good policy to check them often, but now is an especially good time. For more on tire pressure, check out this article.

Here are some other items like  you should consider as we start to move into spring…

Warm weather does not mean great roads.

Look, we’re all glad that winter weather seems to be behind us. Barring St. Louis area weather doing its thing, we’re likely set for normal warm spring weather for the foreseeable future. However, with that comes lots of rain, and if the last few years are any indication, we could be
seeing a lot of it.

Sometimes, people can sleep on the dangers of a rainy road. On snow they may drive carefully, but fly on rain. Don’t be one of those people. Rainy roads are a major slipping hazard. Leave plenty of room between your car and the one in front of you and slow down.

What to do in a tornado.

We are now entering tornado season. With that comes its own set of dangers. Unfortunately, being in the car is not a great place during a tornado. The NOAA recommends seeking sturdy shelter immediately. If that is not possible, find an area lower than the road, like a ditch or
culvert, and lay face down covering your head.

If you can’t leave your car, buckle your seat belt, put your head down, and cover up with a blanket or other item. We recommend having a blanket in your car for winter weather, you may want to just leave it when spring cleaning for this kind of scenario. Don’t try to take shelter under

If you get stuck, call 618-233-7464.

Paule Towing in Belleville, IL, is here to help you out of a jam this spring. We offer towing services to Belleville and the Metro East. If you’re stuck on the road, we can get you back in action with our tire changing service or tow you to the shop of your choice for repairs.