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Being stranded own the side of the road is no fun. No matter how you spin it, getting stranded is one of those day-ruining moments. Now, if that happens, you’re in good hands in the Metro East Belleville area with Paule Towing in Belleville, IL, but why close the barn door after the cows are gone? A little preventative care can keep you from the inconvenience or worse of being stranded.

Did you air your tires?

This is the simplest thing to do to prevent getting stranded, but it’s very important. Make sure your tires are properly aired. Some cars have pressure gauges built in, others you’ll have to do it manually, but either way, make sure your tires are at 35 PSI to be safe. Deflated tires can lead to blowouts or flats. This can not only be an inconvenience but lead to crashes. It’s best to avoid needing a roadside emergency service in the first place, but if you do, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t take your battery for granted.

In older cars, leaving a phone charger plugged into the cigarette lighter can drain your battery. For those of you who drive older cars and leave your charger in all the time, stop. Leaving your lights on or a door open at night can do the same thing. Make sure to check both before leaving your car. Running the radio on battery power can be risky too if done for long periods. If your car is slow to start, you can have your battery checked at most auto parts stores.

Don’t ignore the check engine light.

We get it. The check engine light could be nothing. It pops on at the drop of a hat. It’s tempting to leave it, especially if you shudder at the thought of spending on your engine, but don’t. The issue could be something serious that will only get worse if ignored. Make sure to frequently check your engine oil and have your oil changed throughout the year.

What to do when all else fails?

Sometimes, bad stuff happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. A nail in the road, or an act of God can leave you on the shoulder in a hurry. Make sure to check out our road trip recommendations if you’re taking a summer road trip.  If you get stranded, give us a call for roadside assistance including towing, tire changes, battery jumps, vehicle recovery, lockout services, and gasoline delivery.

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