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The past few months have seen a seemingly endless torrent of rain. For most of us, this is an inconvenience that’s getting in the way of summer activities. It’s been too cold to swim. BBQs around the St. Louis Metro Area have been ruined. Kids are trapped indoors. For our emergency towing and roadside service team, it’s been a busy summer.

For some communities in the area, this rainy season has produced potentially dangerous flooding. There have been road closures and communities mobilized for sandbagging. Beyond the floods you see on the news, like those in Alton, there is always the concern of flash flooding during heavy rain. Flash floods come up quickly, hence flash.

Those flash floods and standing water on roads present a massive potential danger to cars, even if they may look harmless.

Standing Water Can Stall Your Engine

Don’t ever try to drive through standing water, even if you think you can make it through in your vehicle. Water can flood your engine and stall it. Needless to say, your car is not a boat – leave water rides to the sailors and avoid standing water. Even large puddles can stall your engine.

Standing Water Can Turn Tragic

Having a stalled engine is not the worst that can happen in standing water. Even 6 inches of water can sweep a vehicle away. If your vehicle is swept into a body of water, like say a creek, stream, river, etc…the results could be tragic. Don’t take the chance. Obey road closure signs. If you turn a corner on the backroads and find a road covered in water, don’t eyeball it and take the chance. Turn around, and find a safer road.

If you get trapped in standing water, you’ll have to be rescued by the fire department. If you breakdown in the Belleville area, all you have to do is call Paule Towing. We offer towing services with speed and excellent customer service. We also offer lockout services, jumps, tire changing, and vehicle recovery.

Make sure you have our phone number saved into you phone just in case. We’re just a call away with towing in Belleville and the Metro East area.

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