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After a strangely cold May and June, July showed up this year, and in a big way. The St. Louis and Metro East areas are currently in the grip of a sweltering, unrelenting, brutal heatwave.

Good thing we have A/C in our vehicles, right? Well, that’s the thing about A/C…if your car dies, so does your A/C. That’s why you have to prepare for the worst. Do you have a battery jump start service on speed dial? Otherwise, hopefully you wore plenty of deodorant.

If you’re stuck in 100+ degree weather with bright sunshine, you are at serious risk for heat sickness or heat stroke, which are extremely serious, even life threatening conditions. To combat this, you need to be prepared. We take great pride in fast towing service in Belleville and the surrounding areas, but there is always the possibility you may be stuck in a remote area, or otherwise have to wait.

In that case, make sure to keep bottled water in your car. It’s also a good idea to pack towels, or umbrellas for protection from the sun. Safely find shade when possible and keep cool until help arrives.

Know the Signs of Heat Sickness

Remember how we mentioned how serious heat sickness is? You need to know the signs.

Headache, weakness, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting, and loss of consciousness are all symptoms. If you or someone you’re with has these symptoms, get out of the sun into shade

ASAP and try to cool them down. Check out this Web MD article for more information on heat sickness.

Never, EVER, Leave Children or Pets in the Car

Never, EVER, leave your children alone in a hot car. No, cracking a window is not enough in the summer, especially for an infant. It doesn’t matter if you’re just running into the store, don’t do it.

You’re taking a miserable risk. The same goes for pets. We know your best friend loves a ride in the car, but if you’r going to the store or plan to get out, leave Rover at home. A car with the A/C off is a hot box.

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