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Please, Think of the Children! – Back to School Safety Tips

“Won’t someone please think of the Children?” Helen Lovejoy’s catchphrase is hilarious in The Simpsons, but with kids heading back to school, we really should think of the children and their safety. Here are a few safety tips for you and your children.


We wish this wasn’t something that had to be said, but it does: always check the back seat!

Over the next month or so, we’re likely to still see extreme heat. When you’re taking your kids to school and getting back into a routine, always make sure you’re not leaving small children in the back seat. Also, don’t leave kids in the car even to run into a store. It can be fatal.  Furthermore, have a battery jump start service at the ready in case your car battery dies in hot conditions.

Make sure your kids understand pedestrian safety.

Make sure you have a talk with your kids about road safety. This isn’t simply a matter of checking both ways. Make sure they understand that just because the “walk” light is on doesn’t mean cars will stop. They need to know to make sure that all cars have stopped before crossing. Make sure to let them know to always walk against traffic on the left hand side of the road, not on the right side with their backs turned. If your kids are walking home from school, make sure you drive home the concept of never getting in a car with a stranger.

Be extra careful during rush hour.

Rush hour is stressful. We get it; you need to get the kids to school on time and get to work on time. Still, that’s no excuse for driving in a dangerously aggressive manner. No matter what the consequences of you or your kids being late may be, they can’t possibly be worse than the damage reckless driving can do. For those of you without kids, keep in mind that many of the cars on the road with you in the morning have child passengers.

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