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Deer Are A Fall Driving Hazard

Did you know that ever year their are over 1.3 million deer-related collisions?   In 2016, there were 189 deaths. Deer are a serious threat this time of year. In fact, nearly half of all deer-related crashes happen in fall.

The sad truth is, a deer can run out in front of you at any time. You can’t control their behavior. What you can do is make sure you take proper safety precautions (like having a roadside emergency service at the ready) to lower your chances of a collision or to minimize the damage from one. Here are a few ways to stay safe this fall:

Keep an eye out for deer. This should be self-explanatory, but its easy to get caught up in your drive and let your concentration slip. Use your brights whenever possible, without blinding oncoming motorists.

Watch the edges of the road for movement. Slow down around turns, in the country, or in areas with deer crossing signs. The back roads in the Belleville area feature a lot of winding roads surrounded by trees that make good cover for unsuspecting deer. Be aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout. Be especially careful at dusk and dawn. If you see one deer, it’s a good bet there’s more to come.

Don’t swerve!

If you see a deer, try to slow down, but don’t swerve to avoid it! You could end up in a ditch, crashing into a tree, turning your vehicle over, or hitting another vehicle head on in the other lane. A bad day could turn into a tragedy in a hurry if you lose control of your vehicle. You’re better off just hitting the deer. Make sure to keep control of your vehicle, that is the most important thing.

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Don’t take the threat of deer lightly. Keep your wits, use common sense, and get home safe.