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When you think of calling a towing company in Belleville, IL, an image of yourself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire comes to mind. Even though a towing service is ideal for any emergency roadside assistance in Belleville, IL, have you thought about other creative ways to use a towing service? In this article, we’ll explore four other applications of a towing service that can make your life easier and ideally more fun.

1. The Junker

We buy junk cars in Belleville, IL and surrounding areas. We’re all too familiar with the junk car wasting away on the driveway. With flat tires and a battery long dead, it is a far cry from mobile. As an eyesore you can look the other way, but when it starts to obstruct other uses of that space, it becomes a problem. Instead of looking the other way, have you considered calling a tow truck to remove it?

If the value of the car is gone, a tow truck driver can come pick your vehicle up and have it taken to be scrapped. Not only does this free up space in your driveway, it also puts a couple hundred dollars cash back in your pocket. Click this link if you’re looking to sell your junk car, or give us a call at: (618) 233-7464


2. The Project Car

Another useful application of a towing service in Belleville, IL caters more to your interests and hobbies. If you have a project car you’re working on, you know that it might look great but is far from road ready. Although you’ve put in your fair share of the work, you’ve reached a standstill because your shop at home isn’t equipped for more advanced automobile repairs.

If you need to get your project car to a shop better suited for an engine rebuild or a chassis adjustment, consider calling a tow truck. For a small fee that is much less costly than your car hobby (we won’t tell your spouse), you can jump start your project forward. By finding a professional towing service that will take the well-being of your car seriously, you can rest assured knowing your project is in good hands on the way.


3. The Responsible Driver

One technique we stumbled onto while looking into creative uses for a towing service involves making the roads a safer place. Imagine you’ve enjoyed a few drinks at a friend’s, and then a few more. Checking your wrist you realize it’s late, and you’re not wearing a watch.

Although normally you’d call an Uber, you’ve got work in the morning and need your car at the ready. You and your friends feeling creative, have an idea to call a tow truck. As strange as it sounds, the cost of a tow truck is much less than a funeral, a DUI, or hospital bills. Additionally, it ensures that you, and your car make it home safely so that you can be ready for work in the morning. The key to this is being respectful to the tow truck driver despite any inebriation.