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Even though the words Belleville Towing are in our website address, people in St Clair County, Madison County, Monroe County and Clinton County in Illinois often rely on Paule Towing when they need a tow truck near me 24 hours a day.

We’ve earned our reputation as a long-standing towing company who you can count on any time of the day or night when you need roadside assistance near Belleville. Our services include flat bed towing, standard towing, tire changing service, car lock service, battery jump start service and much more.

In fact, if you or a loved one finds yourself in any kind of automotive related trouble, call the most reliable tow service near me at any time in Southern Illinois, call Paule Towing at: 618-233-7464. Call the best and the most well known towing service in Southern Illinois. You’ll find that we offer a balance of reliability and great prices.

A Typical Night For A Belleville Tow Truck Service

8:30 PM: Receive a call from a father who is at work. His daughter has run out of gas miles from any gas stations in Collinsville. We tell him to convey to her that she should remain inside the vehicle on the shoulder, turn on her hazard lights and stay safe. 8:55 our driver makes fuel delivery, starts car and follows her to a station to ensure her safety.

9:40 PM: Received a call from a nurse leaving work at Memorial Hospital East in Shiloh, Illinois. He has locked his keys in his car and needs to get home to get some sleep before his morning shift. Driver arrives at hospital at 9:55. Car unlocked within minutes.

12:22 AM: Driver is backed into as she was leaving Wal-Mart in Waterloo, Illinois. Car receives extensive damage to driver’s side rear quarter panel and wheel. Car is towed to repair shop for auto repairs and driver is transported home.

1:30 AM: Driver pulled over in East St Louis with flat tire. Paule tow truck company driver arrives and is able to replace tire using spare. After administering roadside service driver is on their way back to Cahokia, Illinois.

4:00 AM: Car dies at traffic light in Caseyville, Illinois as driver is on her way to work. Driver arrives at 4:20 AM and discovers that car battery terminals are badly corroded. Cleans off terminals and jump starts automobile.

6:30 AM: Car stuck in snow after snow plow blocks him in in his work parking lot. Tow driver is able to free car from snow bank using heavy duty chains and winch.

Just Another Day (or Night!) For Paule Towing

We’re proud to be the local tow company that Southern Illinois relies on when a reliable tow or other assistance is needed.

We understand that when you’re broken down or when your loved one is stuck by the side of the road, it’s an emergency. That’s why we are as responsive as we are. We’re the most reliable towing Belleville has to offer.

Call us whenever you need us at: 618-233-7464