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Car Breakdown Emergency ServiceIf your car has a breakdown while you are driving you are likely not in a state of mind to think clearly. Especially if you are an inexperienced driver and if this is the first time you’ve had an emergency on the side of the road.

We wanted to put out a few good strategies to get through the situation to keep you and your car safe until you are able to receive help from a tow truck, get to a repair shop or receive assistance from your auto insurance company. 

Be Aware Of Warning Signs

Often times when a breakdown is imminent your car will give you warnings. If the car is “driving funny” this is something to pay attention. A car that feels sluggish or unresponsive might be a sign that you need flat tire repair or some other roadside service. Engine noises, warning lights on your console, smoke or strange smells might be signs that something isn’t right.

It’s important, not only to be aware of these signs, but to act on them. When you’re in a car you’re heading somewhere such as to work, to meet someone or home. But heeding warning signs rather than continuing on your journey – even if it’s a short trip – can be the difference between a small inconvenience and a dangerous, expensive breakdown. Pay attention and be willing to stop and have someone knowledgeable check things out before going too far.

Carefully Get Out Of Traffic

If you’re already on your way and you’re experiencing a vehicle breakdown, don’t overreact. Be aware of what traffic around you is doing and react to your car’s signals in a safe and predictable way. Don’t turn a non-emergency into an emergency.

Activate your emergency flashers to alert other drivers that your are experiencing problems and carefully get your car out of traffic. Being aware of other cars on the roadway, get your vehicle to the side of the road and give your self as much space between your car an oncoming traffic as possible.

If a parking lot is available, steer into it. If a wide shoulder is available get onto it. If the shoulder is not wide, you may have to gently pull into the grass, but getting out of traffic is key to safety.

Have Emergency Numbers Available

Hopefully, if you’re in the St Clair County, Madison County or Monroe County areas of Southern Illinois, you have memorized the number of the most reliable phone number for towing, Paule Towing. If not, and you’re on this site, the number is: (618) 233-7464 24 hours a day. It’s good to program your phone with the number of the most reliable of tow companies near me, Paule Towing.

If you require Belleville service, need a tow truck in Swansea, O Fallon Shiloh towing or service anywhere in the STL metro east, don’t hesitate to call Paule Towing and Recovery.

Simply call our number for towing services and roadside assistance. We’ll be there soon to evaluate the situation and keep you safe.

Stay in Your Vehicle

Some articles advise getting away from your car and waiting at a distance off the side of the road. But, generally, your vehicle is a safe place to remain. Of course, you will have to judge for yourself where you will be most safe and you should act accordingly.

Think: Safety First

Because roadside breakdowns differ from discovering a dead battery before you get out onto the road, or a flat tire before you leave the parking lot, they are inherently dangerous situations. Also, bad road conditions can increase that level of danger if your car breaks down during inclement weather.

Even if you know how to change a tire, if you’re on a dangerous stretch of road, it’s best to leave the repair to the towing service who have skilled professionals with the right equipment to do the job safely rather than risking your life.

Car Maintenance Goes a Long Way

The best way to deal with car breakdowns is to avoid them by scheduling regular maintenance and auto repairs at a trusted auto repair service. Even auto body related issues can sometimes lead to breakdowns. So, to avoid trouble and have peace of mind, let a professional tend to your car’s needs regularly.

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