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Deer accidents require roadside assistance in Illinois.

Deer accidents require roadside assistance in Illinois.

A recent article in the Belleville News-Democrat caught our attention. If anything, it caught our attention because every year at this time we see a flurry of the same subject matter as if it were actually “news.” It’s not.

The message is the same every year. Bambi’s a killer. In Illinois there are a million deer out there who have two things on their minds: making baby deer and causing car accidents. Denial is futile. 

Think about yourself among 137 other people. You probably have multiples of that among your Facebook friends. Out of every 137 people in Illinois one of them will be involved in a deer vehicle collision.

The roads in Illinois are only becoming more and more dangerous as development encroaches on their natural habitat. All hours between dusk and dawn are dangerous, although darkness adds another risk factor that might lead to hitting a deer.

Insurance companies, such as State Farm, keep track of the sobering statistics involving drivers hitting large animals. The advice is always the same. Stay alert. Moderate your speed so there is less danger from having to swerve to avoid a collision at a high rate of speed. Pay extra attention in areas with posted deer crossing signs. Use your high beams on country roads to give deer a chance to see you coming.

Call for Illinois Roadside Assistance

As the deer population continues to rise, accidents occur more and more frequently. And as much as any column can suggest methods to avoid hitting deer, the fact is that deer are difficult to predict and their large bodies can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle and can ultimately be deadly. Paule Towing provides towing service near me to the greater STL metro east.

If you find yourself in a collision situation resulting in a car that is unsafe to drive, take a deep breath and be thankful that you have auto insurance and the number of the most reliable tow truck service Belleville IL has to offer. Paule will be there to offer you roadside assistance when you need it 24/7.

So, even if you find you’re the one in 137 who won’t be able to avoid deer this season, at least you know who to call.

Call our Illinois roadside assistance number if you need us in some unfortunate instance. And share our number with at least 137 of your Facebook friends. (618) 233-7464

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