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Car Theft Prevention Belleville IL.

Car Theft Prevention Belleville IL.

Kia Hyundai Car Thefts in St Louis, MO are reaching outrageous numbers, and sadly, it’s probably just a matter of time until the epidemic reaches St Clair County, IL.

A recent customer who relied on Paule Towing for 24 hr Towing and Recovery in Belleville, told us that he learned quite a bit after his child’s car was stolen from their South St Louis apartment. We at Paule Towing wanted to share the valuable information with our neighbors in the Belleville, Illinois area to hopefully prevent their needing to rely on our services, or worse – to have to deal with the inconveniences of losing a vehicle at this time when both new and used cars are backlogged.

TikTok Car Theft

As with so many bad ideas, this new approach to auto theft begins with a Tik Tok challenge. Suffice it to say that stealing vehicles, specifically Hyundais and Kias, is going viral on social media. According to reports about this type of car theft, certain Hyundai and Kia models are target vehicles because they are easy to steal.

Kia and Hyundai vehicles with model years between 2011 and 2021 without push button starts (using a traditional turn-key steering wheel lock) are able to be started using a simple usb cable to start the cars.

How to Avoid a Stolen Car in Belleville, IL

Hyundai owners can contact dealers or the company to inquire about an available security kit. Reportedly, a software update is also being worked on by the car companies. Kill switches – a hidden switch that won’t allow a car to start if hot wired – are also an option.

These options are fairly involved (usually requiring a mechanic and a significant investment); however, there is a decades-old option that seems almost too obvious, but which works without fail.

The Club is an anti-theft device that locks onto the steering wheel. Our customer, who called us to tow his car back from St Louis to a local Belleville mechanic, mentioned that the police officer who located the stolen car mentioned the effectiveness of The Club.

He purchased two of the devices for his family vehicles and spent less than $50 for each.

The anti-theft device locks onto the steering wheel and is highly visible to (hopefully) deter would-be thieves from even bothering to break the window to gain access. The Club apparently is pretty close to 100% effective. You certainly can’t disable one with a usb cord!

What To Do If Your Car is Stolen In St Clair County IL

Car Theft Prevention St Clair County IL

Car Theft Prevention St Clair County IL

Call your police department and report it missing.

Call your insurance company. Many companies offer comprehensive insurance policies that cover theft.

If your car is located, call Paule Towing at: (618) 233-7464 Chances are you won’t be able to start your car after the ignition has been disabled unless you’ve kept up with the TikTok Challenge. We’ll get your car to the nearest mechanic for repairs.

Head down to the nearest auto parts store and pick up The Club.

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