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In most cases, when a person is experiencing a roadside breakdown, we find that they are just happy to get them up and running or at least to get their car off the side of the road and on to their repair shop of choice. There is usually very little discussion of the type of equipment that we use or the methods we use to solve the problem for them.

We provide Belleville towing and 24 7 roadside service that is affordable, professional and always carried out with a mind toward protecting your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

Our fleet of tow trucks, flatbed tow trucks and other service vehicles gives us the flexibility to choose the right tool for the job. That said, here are a few of the factors that go into using a flatbed tow truck for vehicle transport.

Flatbed tow truck in Belleville, IL

Flatbed tow truck in Belleville, IL

Why To Choose Paule for Flatbed Tow Trucks Near Me

Safety of Your Vehicle: A towing service uses flatbeds because they offer us a way of controlling more variables. Once the vehicle is loaded onto a flatbed truck, it is completely removed from ground contact and protected from almost anything that could come in contact with it.

Compatibility: Tow companies like Paule find that flat bed trucks work well for almost all vehicle types. So long as the vehicle in question will fit on the platform, we can transport it. If you need to transport any type of car, truck or even motorcycle, we can move it on a flatbed or rollback truck.

Convenience and Simplicity of Use: Flat bed tow trucks are designed for ease of use. They just work well for most applications.

Badly Damaged Vehicles: Often times in our day to day operation we are called to relocate vehicles that for whatever reason are either minimally functional or completely destroyed. In cases like this when vehicles either cannot be secured to a winch truck or they simply do not roll on their own wheels, a flatbed is the answer.

Specialized Vehicles: Many vehicles which have very low clearance due to customization or design must be towed on a flatbeed truck to avoid damage to their frames or bodies.

Electric Vehicles: Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers require flatbed towing for some of their vehicles because of the way the rotation of the wheels interacts with the power system and battery. Tesla’s documentation explains that the rotation of the back wheels when the vehicle is not being used normally can cause for a generation of heat and possibly ignition of the battery and other components.

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