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The past few weeks have been cold, wet, and frozen in the St. Louis area and the Metro East. The forecast looks like we’re in for more bitter cold this week. With that in mind, it’s important to be prepared for the worst this time of year. With cold weather, it’s possible to have your vehicle not start; our battery jump start service team can vouch for that. Hazards like ice and snow make wrecks more likely. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure to avoid blowouts.

In the event that you are stranded this time of year, it is a good idea to have these items handy in your vehicle.


Depending on where you’re stranded, it may be a while before help can come. We at Paule Towing are very fast at getting to customers in the Metro East, but with a high volume of calls, or depending on your geographic location, it may still be a little bit until help arrives.

That makes having blankets in your car a must. At least if you’re stranded, you can avoid cold-related health issues and remain comfortable by bundling up. Thermal blankets are an excellent choice for an emergency kit, as are hand warming packets.

Kitty Litter

Yes, kitty litter is a great item to have during winter weather. You can use kitty litter when stuck in snow or ice to give your car extra traction. Put the litter around your wheels and it will help get you going.

A Shovel

You can use a shovel to apply the kitty litter, and you can use a shovel to dig your way out of snow that has piled up. When in doubt, dig your way out. Just make sure you’re properly bundled up with warm gloves, a scarf, and covered ears. Ears are where most of the body heat we lose escapes from, and it is imperative to keep them covered.

Save (618) 233-7464 In Your Contacts

Make sure to have our phone number saved into your contacts. If you get stranded on the side of the road, or get out of work to find that your car won’t start, you can call us for speedy, reliable towing, tire changing, and other roadside services. We provide towing services in Belleville, IL,  St. Clair County, The Metro East, St. Louis and beyond.