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November is a season of extremes, especially in the St. Louis area. You never know what you’re in for. One day it could be sunny and 60 degrees, the next day a blizzard has left you stuck in the ditch wondering, “Is there an emergency towing service near Belleville, IL?”. It’s time to start expecting the unexpected. Here are a few ways you can stay safe on the road in November.

Deer are on the move.

This time of year is brutal for deer collisions. Be especially careful on rural roads or in areas with deer crossing signs. With hunting season in full swing, you need to be especially careful. For more on how to avoid or minimize the damage of deer collisions, check out our article about road hazards on them.

Check your tire pressure.

When the weather turns cold, it can cause your tire pressure to go down. Make sure to regularly check your water pressure. This is a good policy to have in general, as keeping your tires properly inflated can give them longer life, give you better gas mileage, and reduce the chances of flats or blowouts that will leave you stranded.

Watch out for black ice.

Our constantly swinging weather leaves open the possibility of ice any time. Be careful to watch for black ice on the roads, especially if you’re an early morning or nighttime commuter. In the dad of winter, your guard is up for ice. In fall? Not so much. Make sure to be aware that black ice is a threat and drive accordingly. Be especially careful on bridges, slow down, and leave ample space between you and the next car.

Have a safe holiday.

If you plan to travel this Thanksgiving holiday season, be careful on the road. A family can be a factory of distractions behind the wheel, but you have to keep your attention on the road for the sake of you and your precious cargo. Minimize distractions when you can and maintain your focus. It is also advisable to bring along emergency supplies in case you do break down. Make sure to pack blankets, hand warmers, and other cold-weather provisions just in case.

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