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When is the last time you checked your tires? With the rainy season upon us, it’s important that you know the condition of your tires. Take it from Paule Towing – a towing company in Belleville, IL, treadless tires, flat tires, and even tires low on pressure can prove to be a huge threat on wet roads, or worse, icy roads. This article offers some insight into keeping yourself, your car, and everyone on the road without the need to call for towing in Belleville, IL, and a bit safer as we start the slow transition from winter ice to springtime rain.

Step 1: Inspect, Check, and Check Again

If you’d like to stay moving and stay on the road too, take a hard look at your tires AND your habits. Get in the routine of visually inspecting your tires before departure; push a thumb onto the tire to ensure adequate pressure. If you have any doubts, get an electric pressure gauge for exact PSI. Check the tire pressure needed for your tires on the inside of the driver side door and match it. This is important as a low tire will not properly grip the road as discussed here. Remember: taking the time to check your tires before leaving can prevent costly, and potentially dangerous accidents! While you’re at it, check your headlights too.

Step 2: Be Aware!

Pay attention to your driving. A wet road makes for difficulty braking quickly (or at all), and also makes it easy to lose control while maneuvering. One good way to avoid calling Paule Towing in Belleville? Slow down! By reducing your speed you give yourself valuable time to brake and maneuver. Additionally, give yourself plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Be aware of how closely they are following the car in front of them, or if you can even see past them in the first place.

Step 3: Assume Nothing

In poor conditions, you never know what to expect! With reduced traction, stoplights can present a dangerous obstacle if other drivers don’t give themselves proper time to stop. This makes it even more important to look both ways and properly clear intersections before passing through. Lastly, even though the road isn’t icy where you are at, doesn’t mean it isn’t icy where you are heading! Take a second and consider what would happen if you hit ice at the speed you’re currently at.

Step 4: Be Prepared

Imagine if you were to get stranded on the side of the road in poor conditions. Are you dressed accordingly? When leaving the house during inclement weather, it isn’t a bad idea to dress for the worst. By wearing boots, gloves and a coat on a snowy day you can both keep yourself warm, and also more easily help others! Don’t let a pair of house slippers (Paule Towing in Belleville doesn’t judge) stand between you and being a hero to yourself or someone else. Additionally, it can be useful to have an emergency winter kit at the ready with roadside visibility equipment, emergency blanket, and flares included. If you really want to go the extra mile, look into a roadside emergency compressor for filling tires. Sometimes they even double as trickle chargers in case you find yourself on a cold day with a dead battery in Belleville, IL.

Worst Case Scenario: Roadside Assistance In Belleville

You’ve prepared. You’ve checked your tire pressure and tread levels, checked your headlights, buckled your seat belt AND given the car in front of you plenty of space. With some stroke of bad luck you have found yourself stranded on the side of the road despite all efforts. This brings us to our final point: plan ahead! It pays to have a plan set in place for who to call when it all falls down; hopefully you’ve already saved the number for Paule Towing and Roadside Assistance in Belleville, IL ((618) 233-7464).

Whether it’s a dead battery, a flat tire, or a car stuck in a ditch, we’ve got the know how and tools to help. Having a contact ready saves you from the trouble of finding a tow truck in a pinch. The best part? Paule Towing in Belleville, Illinois is committed to helping drivers in need. You can count on us to get your car where it needs to be, whether that involves a jump, a tow, or a flat tire repair.

We are generally available for towing and emergency roadside assistance 24/7. However, availability may vary due to our dedication to serving the City of Belleville Police Department and St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department. Our office is generally open 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am to 2:30 pm on Saturdays. Call us at: (618) 233-7464, and remember: DRIVE SAFE!